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Steamy Contemporary Military
Standalone Romances

These Naval Aviators have their wings but they're no angels!
Book 1

For this sizzling hot Top Gun Aviator, she's supposed to be a distraction, not the main attraction morning, noon and night.

Book 2

Sex is his number one flight path, especially when he meets a shy sexy engineer. However, he soon  doesn't know which one is more dangerous, the ruthless killers chasing them or the sweet engineer threatening his heart.

Book 3

Chasing down a terrorist, he has to work under cover in a restaurant and hide the truth from the owner, a scorching redhead who broke his heart three years ago and who still haunts his dreams every night. 

Book 4

When this Top Gun Naval Aviator returns home to Montana, he finds a lot of surprises waiting for him there...lies, land grabs, and a secret love child!!

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