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Heroes Homeward Bound, Book 1


He has demons.


In the Navy, men don’t come tougher than Sr. Chief Petty Officer Brogan Malloy. However, every man has his breaking point and Brogan reaches his when a good buddy and fellow SEAL is killed. After delivering his fallen comrade’s final letter to his parents, he never expects to be swept away by a gorgeous, troubled, young woman.


Every season Chelsea Harrison honors the fallen with flowers and the last thing she expects to find at her brother’s gravesite, is his tormented, grieving team leader. Warm embraces and kind words are all she can offer to sooth his pain. Anything else beyond that, she won’t. She can’t.


She has fears.


Touched that a woman like her, would even look at guy like him with his turbulent past, he’s determined to standby her and breakthrough her defenses…for she’s stolen his heart and he’s desperate not to lose her.


But will their love be enough to heal their wounds...together?

Letters To A Hero

Book 2, Heroes Homeward Bound Series

She ambushed his heart and threatens his future. He'll either give in and surrender or pullback and retreat from her forever. There's no other options for this SEAL warrior.

This is Chief Jack Richards' story...featured in A SEAL's Vow & Flowers  For A Hero, Book 1, Heroes Homeward Bound Series

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