12 amazing authors bring you

12 Valentine's Day stories.

A SEAL’S VOW, Book 8 is Now Available!  

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1. Seven Minutes in Heaven by, K. G. Reuss
2. Sugar Rush by Bella Emy
3. Cupids Connection by C.A. King, Author of The Portal Prophecies
4. Can't Say No by Shannyn Leah
5. Blind Date by Crystal St. Clair writing as: Crystal Lynn
6. Hands on by Dakota Trace
7. Taking the Leap by Shaan Ranae- Author
8. A SEAL’S VOW by Tara L. Ames Author
9. Play Date by EmKay Connor Author
10. COFFEE, TEA Or Me by Kelly Moore Author
11. SEEKING More by Allyson Lindt Romance Author
12. Breaking the Rules by Erin Cristofoli

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Here's what you'll find in


Book 8

Navy SEAL Drake Hughes is broken-hearted and vows never to see strong-minded Caroline Richards ever again until he receives a letter from her brother, a wounded buddy, asking him to take her to a Valentine's Day dance. Drake would do anything for him, the guy saved his butt more than once, but not that. Anything but that.


Independent and successful, Caroline receives a letter from Single Status website advising her someone special is going to take her to the Valentine's Day dance, since her boyfriend can't. Little does she know that her brother is behind it and Drake will be her date. Once she discovers it’s him, she now has a chance to get Drake back, but there is one problem, she’s already in a relationship with someone else.


Will Cupid's arrow hit its target and get Caroline and Drake back together, or will it miss and end the sizzling heated attraction between them once and for all?

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