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Lake Inferior ... a historical women's fiction novel
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historical family saga

It’s 1933.

America’s at the height of the Great Depression.


Tara L. Ames historical line begins with a powerful and moving story of a young woman’s determination to overcome a life filled with poverty and hardship, despite all the hurdles thrown in her path.

Bound for Detroit, Ana Wilson departs from home to seek a better life for herself. The only link to her past is the small, impoverished mill town she leaves behind high above the shores of Lake Superior, and a mysterious gold pocket watch given to her by her mother.


Set on a path to unravel its forbidden secrets, Ana works for a wealthy family as a nanny, while waiting to attend nursing school. At eighteen, she tastes for the first time the discriminate flavor of prejudice from her employer and shocking propositions from men, both rich and poor alike.


When Ana's resolve becomes ultimately tested, will she possess the strength to break the chains that bind her to that gold watch and town, or will she fall into despair, and her journey be nothing more than time repeating the past?

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