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LETHAL features Charlie and Mark Dixon from Corinne Michael's novel DEFENSELESS. 

Down below you’ll find everything you need to keep in the know. Plus, we have a pretty awesome giveaway just for you! 




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In LETHAL, a steamy hot action packed military romance...

Jenn is the living embodiment of Cade’s past.

His neighbor, his friend… his partner in grief when they both lost their parents to 9/11.

He looks forward to their yearly reunion to commemorate that day as much as he dreads it.

Jenn’s sweet and smart, hot and sexy, the light at the end of his tunnel… a lethal mixture that threatens his resolve to keep his hands off her… but he must.

He knows his darkness is too much to ask her to bear.


Cade is the future Jenn dreams of.

He calls her family, all he has left, but she knows she can be so much more.

It’s been years since she kissed him, but she can’t forget how right it felt.

He’s her kryptonite, her weakness... she has loved him since she was five years old.

The SEAL in him says he’s protecting her by guarding his heart.

But when the unthinkable happens, only Cade can save her… even if it costs him everything.

 My book features Charlie and Mark Dixon from Corinne's novel titled DEFENSELESS. 

 Below you’ll find everything you need to keep in the know. 

If you haven’t read Corinne’s Salvation Series, I highly recommend you do!    
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