ME + YOU BUY NOW CLICK ON PHOTO🏖Summer Romance🏖☀️17 amazing authors have come together to bring you these scorching tales of summer romance. Time to heat up your eReaders, dust off your sandals, and fall in love. Curl up in the sun or relax in the shade and let us bring the warmth of summer to you.

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💘Beneath a Starlit Sky by Bella Emy

💘Conteki Dreaming by YM Zachery

💘Blue Eyes by J.B. Joseph
💘Message in a Bottle by Alyssa Drake
💘Summer by Veronique Poirier
💘Crestfallen by Kathy-Lynn Cross
💘Love at the Exhibition by Natalia Schellhaas
💘Coming Home by AJ Daniels
💘Love in 8 Seconds by Amy Allen
💘Ocean Rescue by
Tara L. Ames
💘Lead Me to the Water by Lynsey M. Stewart
💘Snapshot by Rebekah Dodson
💘The Romantic by Author Sarah Stein
💘Freeing Fenley by J.L. Leslie
💘Not Just Anybody by Jade Royal
💘Take Me Home by H.C. Bentley
💘Pool Party for Two by Caitlyn Lynch
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